Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lairds Return

So - finally - after many promises and lots of strange excuses the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, at long last returned to his beloved home sim yesterday.

Well, to be quite honest, I was not at home very long because I had a Second Pride membership meeting to attend. The meeting went on for more than two and a half hours, which is an unusual long time and rather unexpected if you read the agenda.

I must admit that I may in some small way have contributed to part of the tardiness but otherwise I believe it may have been that many of us were in a slightly cantankerous mood and ended up splitting hairs for no real reason at all. When a whole lot of people get together in this state of mind the outcome is inevitably a very long meeting.

The meeting was not a total waste of time because the board was eventually able to decide to
- adopt new rules of conduct for the membership meetings,
- elect a board for the newly created Second Pride Foundation,
- create a new headquarter for Second Pride,
- create a Second Pride Build avatar and
- buy a special building for certain future events.

A strange thing happened during the meeting when our usually very efficient chairman Doc Spad - or "Sir Doc, Sir" as I call him in my mind - suddenly asked:, "Did you have a question Ars?".

I immediately became alert and started caming around in the conference room to see who this second Ars could be. Then he said "Sorry, I mean Forever did you have a question?". And it dawned on me that he must be reading my group tag and meaning me. We both laughed at the strange incident because he realized his mistake at the same time as I did.

I was happy I have come this far, because six or eight months ago I would not have been able to laugh at it and would have filled it with strange meanings.

However, I did manage to get in a few words with some of my friends and family during the meeting. And at the very end - before I had to leave for lovely and welcoming bed - I squeezed in a hug from my brother-in-law- D R E Y Porchers, nee Messmer, It was good seeing him again because I don´t think we have been in touch since before the summer.


  1. Good progress buddy, but i can imagine it take such time...huggs


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