Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Want A Date With George Clooney?

Read about how you can makes your dreams come true and get a lunch date with megastar and sexy-as-hell George Clooney at alfred lives here: "Win A Date With George Clooney!

Do not forget that you must take the blogger Brahm along with you on the date, to thank him for tipping you about this possibility.


  1. think i will pass he only drinks decaf pod coffee hehe not at all my kind of guy:)

  2. Because its a space alien inhabiting the body.

  3. Well, I am not that interested to be honest, but if it were hunky Zac Efron, I would be going door to door to all the mansions in Palm Beach asking for donations to help me with my bid. I really would! Zac, if you are reading this blog, please make yourself available for lunch!

    1. Zac, if you by any far chance should be reading this blog, please ignore Eddi´s offer and call me instead... ;)


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