Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ars Rezday 2012

On this day 6 years ago Joseph Douglas Wilson Jr., who was called J.D. or Doug by his family and friends in first life, rezzed into SecondLife for the first time. In the registration process when entering SecondLife he chose the name Ars Northmead.

Ars lived, worked, loved and thrived in SecondLife up until shortly before his death on March 12, 2010. He was a beautiful man, a kind soul, a wonderful lover and a loyal friend. He has been missed and will be missed as long as there is someone left to love him and remember him.

I love you, I remember you and I miss you. Forever Ars!


  1. Yeah Dej reminded me that Ars' rezzday was today when we were talking about all the October Babies in SL including Dej and I. Hugs Bock and always remember the good things you and Ars had in your heart. Laugh and live well today and everyday is the best way to remember him always :)

  2. Celebrate today Bock with his memories and remember everything and never forget!
    He loved you and he was a very lucky man and vice versa.
    Hugs buddy xoxox

  3. A great day to remember and celebrate for all the good things Ars did for so many people.

  4. You are still missed and loved by so many. Happy rezday my dear friend and dad.

    Hugs Bockilein xoxoxo


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