Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breaking News: Ziggy Is Staying

The amazing, wonderful and sexy Ziggy Starsmith today announced on his blog that he is going to stay with us in SecondLife! Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life...; Second Life: The Twinkle Has Returned To My Eyes.... (url)

As the goal has now been reached and we have convinced Ziggy to stay on I am taking down the poll "Should Ziggy Starsmith stay in SecondLife?"

Twenty-three people voted in the poll. Three votes were cast on "No, I am a jealous dickhead and cannot stand the competition." These votes are of course disqualified on the grounds that the voters are self-admitted jealous dickheads whose opinion cannot matter.

All of the remaining twenty votes were for "Hell yes, we need charming and passionate people here!".That means that 100 percent of the voters whose opinion matter voted that Ziggy should stay with us! (Ukrainian rules)

It´s unanimous, Ziggy has to stay with us because we love him, the ranting little bugger!


  1. God dammit Bock. come and seduce me under the willow trees and get it over with hahahaha ;-)
    I have to admit I was one of the voters who picked that I was a jealous dickhead because I could not resist a little multiple personality disorder as a guffaw!
    Now let's get back to the matter of hand of tartan kilt seems to be very unstable lately with these fierce Autumn winds...

    1. I had already figured out you were one of the three, and am now in the process of trying to guess the other two...

      Haha Je séduire pas un - or something


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