Monday, October 15, 2012


When I logged in to my SecondLife yesterday I had a lot on my to-do-list, since I hadn't been inworld for a week.

The first thing on the list was to check in with my brother in-law Dejerrity Mycron, who lives in the northwest southwest corner of Southern Charm. I was happy to see the yellow dot on the minimap indicating that he was at home.

Before going over to meet him I had to go through my usual preliminaries to get SecondLife to work (it´s been like this the last two years so I am pretty used to it by now). First thing I do is to teleport to Moa, where Ars once had an office skybox for Sarco Sound. The skybox was removed by Linden Lab just a few months ago, so these days I crash to the ground when I get there. However, once I am there everything starts working, the IM´s and notices appear and sounds come back and - above all - I am no longer sunk in the the ankles and am able to walk around. I then teleport back home and my life begins.

Once I was home again, I flew over to Dej´s place and walked up to him. The man was standing stark naked (without the willy attached) getting ready to dress for the Sunday afternoon party at Folsom.

We talked about how we were doing, recent events and this-and-that while he rummaged in his Inventory and tried things on to get ready for the party. It seems it was Halloween-themed because he ended up as an awesome headless gentleman in a nice tux with his head safely tucked under his arm. The only problem was that the drinking animation took the glass to where the head should be and not where it actually was, so the poor man didn't get his vodka.

I love visiting with Dej and especially like the fact that so much about him reminds me of Ars. Stability, loyalty, love, respect and support - all this even when he is headless.


  1. Replies
    1. Awwww little Ziggy, don´t be afraid, uncle Dej is the nicest and kindest man even when he is without a head ;)

  2. yes he is and he looks very hot when I see him dancing at Blow Buddies sometimes ;-)

  3. That was very sweet, Bock :) But I won't "lose my head" over it...

    bwaaaa haaa haa!!!!! BOO!!!

    Happy Halloween !

  4. P.S.

    SOUTHwest corner Bock, SOUTHwest.


    Love, Dej

    1. ROFL, I cannot undferstand why I keep forgetting - perhaps we better move you to the northwest corner so I get it right ;P

      Love you too!


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