Monday, October 29, 2012

Onslaught of Crow-Men

I was standing on the back deck of my home minding my own business and talking to sweet friends in Instant Message when an onslaught of crow-men suddenly hit on Southern Charm. At first it seemed like an invasion of thousands of huge birdlike creatures but when all the dust settled and the wings were drawn in it turned out to be only Guyke and Janttu paying me a surprise visit.

Once I had recovered from the initial scare we settled down for a nice talk in or under a Halloween tree that Guyke had in Inventory.

The conversation circled around, but was not limited to,

  • the titles of catholic clergy,
  • the Frankenstorm Sandy hitting the U.S. east coast today and our well wishes for our friends their,
  • the upcoming American elections and our worries about the possible outcome,
  • the size of governor Mitt Romney´s cojones,
  • if we would ever want a man that wears magic underwear or not,
  • how long it takes for ones virginity to grow back,
  • the foaling of horses,
  • the nasty customs in Belgium and Sweden around visits to the restroom,
  • if we knew a good Halloween party coming up,
  • the ultimate busy or away response in SecondLife and last, but by all means not least,
  • what Janttu may - or may not - have been doing on Skype to suddenly agitate Guyke in the middle of it all.


  1. of course the ultimate busy/away message in SL is mine. And I say that in all humility of course ;)

    1. Huh, you have a busy/away response? How strange I never noticed... ;P

      However, Janttu suggested the ultimate one - so send him a message and see what you get - if he dared use it... LOL

  2. It's strange how the human mind works sometimes...

    @Butch ---> Of course! The dutch are known for their humility! :P

    1. It´s your mind and my mind and a little of Janttu´s, mix ´em up and insanity ensues...

      "I've always said that the best folk music comes from the Dutch"

  3. Why do those crows look so sexy? Was Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" a secret porn for me ;-)

    1. Yup, I think if we had you psychoanalysed that would be one of the conclusions that could be drawn, you sleezy bird-lover you!


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