Sunday, November 25, 2012

Butt Watcher - The Results are In!

The results of the butt-watcher poll are in. Ten people in total voted in the poll.

50 % (5 votes) voted for "#1 definitely",
20 % (2 votes) voted for "#2 for sure",
10 % (1 vote) voted for "Both are amazing" and
20 % (2 votes) voted for "I am too intellectual to look at buttocks/Decline to answer."

Mystery Butt #1
The winning butt by popular vote was Mystery Butt #1 (the mesh option). I must however add the disclaimer that the votes in the poll were too few to draw any certain conclusions from the results.

Spanki Moulliez showed his expertise as a butt-watcher by being the first to correctly naming my son in-law Ziggy Starsmith as the avatar to whom both the delicious butts are attached. Spanki therefore receives fame and glory forever and the honorary title of "The Laird´s Premier Butt-Watcher".

Congratulations Spanki!

Spanki´s keen observational skills also benefits The Fabrice Snook Foundation, to whom I will now donate L$1.000.

UPDATE: The receipt


  1. LMAO such delicious decadence...
    Imagine that? men voting on other mens buttocks in frocks...
    And mesh??? OMG The sky is falling, what is next..Pathfinding 101 by Ziggy Starsmith ;-)

    1. Not only men voting, Ziggy ;)

      My son, your hubby, called me "conservative" yesterday, can you believe it? Just because I am not completely convinced that MESH is the way to move in the future.

      He scolded me and rebuked me and told me that if he could make you into a "Mesh-monster" he was sure he would succeed with me also.

      Tell you a secret, don´t tell him, today I actually bought a mesh-shirt. But it was all wrong and I could not get it to fit me however I tried, so I had to delete it. That was L$399 down the drain... ;(

    2. P.S. I just realised, the stuff I bought was not mesh at all, it was some prim-shit.

    3. Oh you silly sheep in wolfs panties ;-)

  2. Bock some mesh is crap and as Guyke taught me it's all about how good the designer is etc.
    Also always try the demo first and if there is no demo don't buy it.

    1. The man knows his fashions, I actually do not mind at all that he convinced you. You both look absolutely stunning in mesh-clothing ;)

    2. Bockilein just come to Kalrau with me and get yourself some of the best mesh clothing available on SL right now. It will be my Xmas presie to you for this year :D

    3. Hey Kalrau was one of my favorite shops once - I may reconsider and give mesh a chance - sometime...

  3. yay for fame and glory forever! :D I've never had such a fancy title before as 'Laird's premier butt-watcher', finally all my years of hard work (perving) have paid off.

    1. Keep up the schmoozing and you may earn yourself a knighthood also... ;P


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