Friday, November 2, 2012

News From Dejerrity

Photo by Charles Sykes/AP
My brother in-law Dejeritty lives in Manhattan, New York, N.Y. in first life. I have been worrying about him since the Frankenstorm Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, hit New York City on Monday October 29, 2012.

Thankfully I got a message from him today telling me that he is well but that all of lower Manhattan lost power at 8:15 PM Monday night when a transformer station literally exploded. They are expecting power to be restored in his area sometime on Saturday - hopefully.

Well, that´s a load iff my chest!


  1. Excellent news buddy, now you can exhale....

  2. I have not heard yet from Mikedacook Dinzeo who lives on the Jersey Shore near the beach. I hope he is ok.

  3. Yeah Dej is doing well. He was at my home in RL last night to sleep over and charge his portables to have some excitement while he waits out his blackout.

    Eddi, most people living downtown lower Manhattan pretty much has no power so they either went to stay with peeps or are waiting it out and doing things in RL since no net or power for SL. I am sure Mikedacook is ok.

  4. Good News! Mikdacook is Ok. He just posted on Facebook from a McDonalds. Says he will not be getting home for at least a week but he is OK.

  5. These disasters are terrible :-(


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