Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the Raft

Sunday didn´t get a good start for me in SecondLife. I crashed six times within an hour and ended up at tele hubs three times when I tried logging in to home, so when I finally could log in to Southern Charm I decided to scratch my plans of going to Grenouille Inn to listen to my ex-missus Iendi Laville´s regular Sunday radio show and instead  find a calm spot and stay there awhile to think about the evening before.

During the crash period, I had unsuccessfully tried to carry on a conversation with my BIL (brother in-law Andrey Messmer), but it seemed like the instant messages kept getting stuck. When I finally got back and could actually stay in, I could no longer see him inworld.

Yesterday one of my friends tried to pick a fight with me, why I did not understand. Whatever I said to him was met by a snarky comeback. I do not mind fights, in fact sometimes I find them rather refreshing, but I was not in the mood for one last night. So telling him I was tired and going to bed I logged off leaving him there to nurture his bad mood in whatever way he could find. While floating around on my raft today I thought through what had happened and came to some kind of vague plan of action.

As I was going to leave I was hailed by one of my newest family members, Fabiano Dover, we had a pleasant conversation about the relaunching of his blog (Heart Break Ridge) and the interesting subject of secrets. It was good he had stopped me when he did, because I was much calmer when I finally logged off for my afternoon nap.


  1. Anyone tries to fight you they go through me first in my T-Rex avatar ;-)

    1. Awww thank you, my cute champion, but I am quite capable of taking on a fight by myself if I should wish to - and the opponent is usually a rather nice guy so I will tackle him myself and give him a good pounding and tell him whats what in no unclear terms...

      ...after that I may just jumphug him again to make up ;)


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