Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romantic Entanglements

While I was hanging out with my son Guyke and our friends yesterday I received an Instant Message from my son telling me that he wished to speak with me in private.

I was somewhat worried about what would follow, but told him "OK, what?". Whereupon Guyke said he had to ask me a very personal question, to which I answered "Of course" getting slightly more worried. Then Guyke asked me what my true feelings were for Ziggy. I had thought much about that subject so the answer came easily, "I like him alot  but I am not in love. He is partnered in first life, so on my behalf it´s a no go on the romantic level."

"Uhm well", the boy said, "we have been getting close."
"How close, my darling?"
"Well, very close actually. Is that a problem for you? Janttu knows this and the two of us will still be together in first life. "
"No, not in the least as long as you are all OK with it. I promise, I have no problems with you and Ziggy but please be good to him. I do not wish to see him hurt or lose him as a friend", I told him.
"You won´t!", Guyke assured me.

So there it is. I fully accept and completely encourage and support the relationship between Guyke and Ziggy. I congratulate them both on finding such good men as each other.

I know myself well enough to know that for me a romantic relationship with someone who already has a first or second life relationship is off the charts. I can barely handle one man, even the thought of making allowances for another romantic relationship in the life of my chosen one completely overloads my emotional systems and always has. I am a "one-man-at-a-time-guy", which is neither better nor worse than being able to handle more than one at a time but just the way it is.

The only thing I may miss a bit is Ziggy´s flirting with me... but I will survive that I am quite sure!


  1. Thank you for your blessing white prince of Southern Charm xxxxx

    1. I sure hope that this post does not come off as if I think you guys need my blessing, that was not at all my intention!

      Love ya´, buddy!

  2. oh but we did! That's how special you are to the both of us :)

    1. O.M.G. that´s a first! ;)
      *Paints a cross in the ceiling* as we say in Swedish when something highly unexpected occurs.

      Well if you did need it, you have it!

  3. To have had your blessing Bock just made Heaven that much sweeter xoxoxoxoxoxox

    1. See above, sweetie, and xoxoxoxoxoxox back at you!


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