Friday, November 2, 2012

The Splash

The evening started out slow. I went over to Guyke´s and Janttu´s place and we were joined by Ziggy after a while. We had a good, long and enjoyable chat, just lounging around with some interesting news and a lot of foolishness.

When we got a notice about DJ Yifu´s Splash party at the Gay Riviera we decided to go there for some music and dancing. Before going we had to prepare ourselves for the party by undressing and putting on some necessary attachments.
The place was filled with naked - or almost naked - guys and girls. The music was great, the chat was funny and the sights made my head spin.


  1. Is that vegetables i SEE? hahahaha
    We had a great time and happy we had a great talk as well!

    1. Vegetables? No, it´s all meat... in abundance ;)


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