Sunday, December 16, 2012

Final Countdown for the Phoenix Viewer

"Volterra, Beppo,. an actor" (1996). by photografer Alex Majoli, Italy. 
Bock McMillan16 December, 2012 05:23
Finally! Wonderful news, Tonya, thanks for sharing.

The people who have refused to leave Phoenix are holding the rest of us and our world back. They have had more than ample time by now to make the move to the next generation of viewers. As you say this has been long coming.

You made my day, thanks! ;)


I left the above comment at Tonya Souther´s  excellent summary and evaluation on her blog The Tigress´s Second Den from a TPV-meeting with Oz Linden yesterday in her post The clock is officially ticking. Go there and read the full post with the happy news from the meeting!

(P.S. T.P.V. means Third Party Viewer, i.e. those non-Linden Lab viewers that are out there to access SecondLife.)


  1. they also announced it on the Phoenix hour yesterday and i must say that the phoenix diehard fans are uncanilly quiet on the phoenix blog hehehe... about bloody time was my responce :)

  2. Good riddance Viewer 1's I say!
    The recent upgrade of the official Linden Viewer 3 has cured all the problems of crashing for me and I am once again back on the official Linden viewer with 0 crashes or problems and fps of an astounding 60 plus. The Firestorm viewer while tweaked, was also running good for me but still had poorer graphics and was often muddy slow with fps of 20 on a good day!
    No brainer...and although weary of new stuff after horrendous pathfinding this new avatar bake fail thing they are talking about sounds promising if they don't screw it up.

    1. I trust in my good friends at Linden Labs, things do get better all the time - and once in awhile there is some newfangled thing I don't approve of but others love and adore it(mesh) so I suffer in silence and don't say anything against it...

      After all, I am the most patient man in SecondLife, so that is what is expected of me.

  3. Something tells me that 2013 will be the year that Linden Labs finally gets things right and Second Life will grow again!

    1. YAY, I am all with you on that prophecy!


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