Friday, December 14, 2012

Follow-Up on My Predictions for 2012

Last year in December I felt the need to make a few predictions about the coming year. You can read them here Bock: "2023 Will Be Wonderful". As we are now getting close to the end of this year I thought it might be a good idea to see how everything turned out, so here goes (even if there are a few days still remaining)!
For my Universal predictions I would say: 1. Pass, 2. Uncertain and 3. Uncertain. The trickiest here are questions 2-3, because I have no reliable information at all.

For my Global predictions I would say; 1. Uncertain, 2. Pass, 3. Pass. Here the trickiest to assess is question 1, but I still have hopes even with the present situation in Syria where we are standing by watching with our arms crossed while the population is being slaughtered by the dictator.
For my SecondLife predictions I would say; 1. Pass, 2. Pass and 3. Uncertain. No problems on these at all, mesh seems to be on its way out already and will soon be replaced by something better.
On my Metaversal predictions I would say: 1. Fail, 2. Pass and 3. Uncertain. I saved my ass with the 42 answer on the third question.
On the Personal predictions I would say: 1. Pass, 2. Fail (in both lives) and 3. Pass. As for the second question I can only say I had high hopes but failed miserably.

So there it is, of the 15 predictions I made I got eight Pass, five Uncertain and two Fail which seems to be a fairly reasonable outcome.


  1. Regarding "Personal Number 2" or it never happened!

    1. Uhmmm "if" and "when" it may happen I believe I will be too busy and elated to remember to take pictures... ;)

  2. Under Personal: Vastly improved... I am happy for you Bock!
    Number 2 will come as sure as wheather changes.

    As for the rest:
    I accept of course when someone leaves sl because there is some harmonic closure.
    But the way Tina felt she had to leave sl is an ugly, stinking affair. I have difficulties forgetting it.

    1. Thanks Kandi ;)

      I agree, it was sad the way Tina felt the need to leave SL-blogging. However, I do not believe she has left SL completely because I still hear she is online once in awhile as the Tina we all know.

  3. about Personal number 2...theres still days left of this year you know...

    1. Well dear, I am not holding my breath... ;)

  4. hmm kinda puts our last convo in a different perspective. No Wonder Guyke was weird in IM about it X-) *note to self: read blog more often*


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