Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have been waiting for this news, so I post it as soon as I found it.

Here is the picture showing my favorite couple of the year Larry Duncan (56) and Randy Shepherd (48), from North Bend, WA, on the way to their wedding ceremony on Sunday December 9, 2012. They cleaned up nicely for their wedding day, didn't they?

My readers will perhaps remember the adorable guys from my previous post Love Is Beautiful (url).

May you both live long and prosper with love in your hearts and a long happy marriage!


  1. May they live the rest of their lives together and love every second of it.
    Now it's your turn Bock...we need to find you a man ;-)

    1. Pffft I don't fall in love easily, besides all good men are straight or already taken ;)

    2. I know of one that's not taken ... If curious IM me and I will reveal the name :P

    3. Haha don't expect me to get in touch about that soon because I a dying here - of laughter!

  2. At least I made you laugh :-) Mission accomplished!


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