Sunday, December 30, 2012

SecondLife Declared Doomed

On the evening of the day that SecondLife had been declared to be doomed by a Swedish journalist in the country´s largest morning paper (the article in Swedish "In the Company of Dead Avatars") the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, decided to go dancing as a neko at Club OrmDricka.
"If my world is dying, I sure the hell haven't noticed it yet. Why would I take the condescending declaration of my worlds impending death from the visiting snobbish Swedish journalist Ms. Hanna Fahl of Dagens Nyheter as the truth? She knows nothing!

On the contrary, now that we are doing away with the outdated technology that has been holding us back for the last couple of years due to an extremely loudmouthed and vocal minority of residents. We have a wonderful future waiting and I am happy, thrilled and excited to remain here and see the amazing things that are to come and to be part of the wonderful and vibrant SecondLife community, my people!"


  1. Second Life is NOT doomed. It is cash cow for Linden Lab. They admitted last year they make money off us users. They need Second life to fund their movement into the online game industry.

    However, we do not not know for sure, since Linden Lab is closely held and does not have to report their finances to the outside world -- just to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

    Have no fear my friend. Money talks, and Second Life is making quite a bit of it for its owners.

    1. Excellent Eddi, I look forward to growing old alongside you and many other amazing people in our wonderful SecondLife world.

  2. oh how good. I just made it back, I'm not prepared to die yet.

  3. The Lindens have finally got it right and are working on fixing things that matter like blurry avatars, sim crossings, ruthing and bake fail etc etc.
    Will 2013 be the year of X5 super cocks? You know...the ones that reach out of the screen and masturbate you to orgasm while you chat with friends ;-)

  4. sure - some well known areas have died off - but as far as I'm concerned there are still some healthy communities actively doing their thing within secondlife.

  5. when i ask..when did swedish media write something positive about SL..thinking...thinking... must have been 5 years ago at the opening of the swedish embassy sims... nothing after that cos the hype was gone and everyone had left sl according to swedish media. guess the embassy sim is the only one they have ever been to and yes its slumbering with TE avatars standing up on the roof like zombies.
    im going to do an experiment today - im going to make a new avatar, log in with the official LL viewer(which ive never used) and see how it looks for total noobs coming to sl now. no help at all from me (vampi) and i will try and not think of things i already know...could be interesting.


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