Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cuddly Ally

"And I am proud of it!"
(via +Joe Jervis at J.M.G.)

Straight ally extraordinaire Ben Cohen has posted the above picture on his Facebook page with the same caption. Huggable and lovable guy, isn't he?


  1. Ok, that apron is a must have for me! It just way outranked the one Hunter got me years ago that said "Men love me, Martha Stewart fears me!" *giggles*. Now, I just need to url to the store.....taps foot waiting for Bock and smiles :) Luv you sweetie !

    1. Dearest, lovable and lazy girlfriend, I simply did a search for "apron", "gay" and "icon" and found this place Gay Icon Apron.where you can get it for ₤14,99.

      But I must say before you go buying this one that the one you already have seems like a great one too! ;)

  2. Diana sighs and says ok *the url* and smiles

  3. He's fabulous. He's leading the way for hot straight men who have a big gay following by celebrating that and being a friend and ally.

  4. Thanks, Bock! Big huggs sweetie for your kindness and patience. :)


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