Saturday, January 5, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 III

Illustration from Sangoma
Things are moving along well with my support case despite the weekend. I got the following email today.

"A comment has been added to your Case..

Case: 01587329 

Avatar: Bock McMillan 
Type: Other Inworld Issues 
Status: Information Requested 

Hi Bock ---

Thanks for the additional info. What I need to try now is seeing if I encounter the same problem when I have access to your account. If you are ok with me performing this test, please reply back that I have your consent.

Once you comply, you will receive an email advising you that the action is taking place so that you don't login when we are testing, then another email letting you know when we are done. When you're logged out and ready to go, respond to this case and we will get started. We do not need your password for this.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Theresa Linden

To reply to this case, either Reply to this email, or visit : 

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into with this Avatar: Bock McMillan)"

I sent the following response as soon as I saw the e-mail (at 4 AM in the morning my time when I woke up to "wash my hands").

"Hi Theresa,

You have my full consent!



P.S. In hindsight I wish I had asked Theresa to be gentle with me, because as a Kinsey type 6 this would be my first time with a woman. It´s been bugging me since I sent the email...


  1. Ok Theresa (aka) terry ;-)...logged in as you last night hehehe and took you to Hubs where you engaged in lurid lustful acts again and again and again. I have the pictures and they are quite something to behold and frankly I am a little shocked and disappointed at your slutty behavior. I mean after seeing and knowing you all these years it was unsettling to see you face down in a plate of cocaine covered in someone else's vomit at a noob, gorean party!
    Wow Bock, wow!

    1. Hahaha did you have another nightmare about me Ziggy, buddy?

    2. Babe this is my stepdad you are talking about. Behave :P (but I still want to see the pictures)

    3. See u still have yr great sprit left! Wish the best for next year darling !!Hope both this and the rl cold will soon be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ps think i also hav a slice of both ..

    4. Thank you, Ziga dearest, and I wish you all the best for the new year too.

      Hopefully we will both be rid of our first life colds and our SecondLife repeating issues also very soon! I am hoping that Theresa Linden et al. will come up with a fix to our problems ;)

  2. Seems like Linden Labs used your avatar for some very lurid activities while you entrusted them with your avatar...

    1. Pffft Theresa Linden would never do that, b t w they haven´t informed me that they were going to use my avatar yet so I am guessing that most of the wonderful support team gets Sundays off! ;)

      I am currently looking forward to hearing from Theresa again on Monday morning, her time (SLT).


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