Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swedish Embassy in SecondLife Closes

The following announcement was posted today on the Second House of Sweden blog
"By the start of 2013 the Second House of Sweden project has officially been closed down.
The project was by all standards a success. We managed to make a definite mark in the virtual world of Second Life as well as creating a lot of publicity in the first [life]. This blog shows some of the events that took place, and perhaps more importantly tells the story of why a government agency such as the Swedish Institute decided to embark on the journey of creating the world’s first virtual embassy.
What you can’t read about in this blog, but could only experience, was all the interesting meetings that took place between different individuals (virtual or not) from all over the world. From the opening ceremony hosted by Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt, and the Virtu-Real project which enabled meetings between visitors of the real world House of Sweden and it’s virtual “twin” Second House of Sweden – to everyone that just stopped by to see what the fuzz was about.
Although it is always a bit sad to leave a dear friend, at the Swedish Institute we constantly look for new ways of communicating our belief in openness and innovation, and no project (should) last forever. You could say that Curators of Sweden was in 2012 what Second House of Sweden was in 2007. What 2013 holds in store remains to be seen.
So long, and thanks for all the fish!"
I for one, have always been a staunch supporter of the Swedish Embassy in SecondLife since the start. It was my reading about the inauguration of the Embassy that brought me to SecondLife in 2007. 

The project has been under attack from a handful of Swedish SecondLife bloggers and "eternally disgruntled taxpayers" the last few years. With the exception of my friend Gittrika Mint, whom I didn't agree with in this matter, I cannot stand the rest of them.

I believe that this decision by the Swedish Institute is regretful and unnecessary. The sims could have been brought to life again if an earnest and concerted effort had been made.

Thanks for all the good times and the fond memories, Swedish Embassy in SecondLife! I am sad to see it go and I will miss it!


  1. I am extraordinarily saddened by this news. I am a Swedish-American. My family's Swedish history and heritage are very precious to me. It was a joyous moment when I met Bock and learned there was Swedish Institute and presence in SL. I live near only one Swedish history and heritage site in RL, so it was thrilling to know I could experience it in SL.

    It meant very much to me because through the generations in my family, we have lost our ability to speak and understand the Swedish language. It was amazing to come into SL and be at a St. Lucia's festival and hear Swedish spoken and participate in the event. I am in tears in RL thinking I will never experience that again. My partner Hunter was in awe of the ability of SL to translate such a cultural experience in such a real way.

    I hope the Swedish Institute reconsiders its decision to leave SL. It is a tragic consequence. One of the best aspects of virtual worlds is their ability to bring people of different real life experiences together for a greater good.

    1. Hear, hear, my dear friend, I am all behind you in this but I fear it is too late!

  2. It´s sad that they closed it, at the same time, i think it was not enough activities on the SIM, which is not good either RIP


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