Friday, February 8, 2013

#01587329 - No, It´s Not Over Yet!

Illustration from Sato AsiaPacific
"Dearest Theresa,

Guess what just happened?

The darn repeats are back again! The fix I thought I had found with the Quality and speed/setting only worked temporarily.

This is so horrible, now I feel like I am going to be stuck with this terrible affliction forever!

Bock, despondent and sad and tired"

I am calling it a day and going to bed now, this sucks BIG TIME!


  1. Bock, you're a really great guy with great friends and family who will follow you wherever you go. Why not take them on a new life adventure?

    Sometimes our obstacles are really opportunities in disguise, put in our life by gentle powers that we can't always see.

    Don't rule out that the destined path through this obstacle is a new Second Life, not trying to fix one that may never be able to be fixed.

  2. Try cleaning your caches out, running a registry cleaner -- I think what is happening is that a piece of code is messing you up. The code can be stored anywhere in a Second Life folder, or on your registry in a profile, anywhere.

    If you fixed it temporarily, you fixed it -- and your viewer is reverting to old habits. You will fix it again and keep it fixed. It will be solved.

    1. Thanks for the advice Eddi, I have tried a registry cleaner now and it doesn´t seem to help either.

      I am hoping for your last statement to come true, because now I can seem to get it fixed temporarily with certain tricks (HTTP Textures and jiggling the Quality and speed button) that work most of the time.

  3. I don´t know if it s possible for Linden Lab to do that. From what i understood, when you run another avatar, it´s working for you, but not with Bock Avatar... May be LindenLab can move all your inventory to the ALT avatar and then copy your BOCK avatar name to the ALT, by doing that may be it will work. Cheers buddy

    1. WOW that´s a thought, NE0 buddy. Well if worst comes to worst I may suggest them trying it. ;)

  4. I once asked them to do that a few years ago when I asked if i could pay to have my first 2 avi's merged with Ziggy's with inventory and all and they said it was not possible because of something to do with non copy/trans inventory items which was illegal to do due to copyright stuff with the creators, but maybe if they just made you a virgin noob with no inventory but the name Bock McMillan and you just went and re-bought all your shape/skin and hair etc etc.

    1. Yes, I can see transferring "non-transfer" stuff from my first avatar to my second being a problem and a minefield of copyrights issues which Linden Lab would not want to walk into.

      The second alternative would be a possible option if they could set Ars Northmead as my partner and wouldn't create other as yet unimaginable problems.


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