Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vital Information

Well, from time to time we stumble over fun statistics when surfing the Internet.

The following information I found on an Australian blog (Gen X Journey) while looking for a picture for my previous post about Australia Day.

The Top 40
This vital information raises several questions in my mind;
1) How was the information obtained?
2) Are there certified measurement crews traveling the world measuring penises?
3) Why haven't I been invited to join with my vast expertise on the subject?
4) Where do I apply for that job?
5) Where are the Norwegians and the Finns, how far down the list are they really?
6) Why hasn't this important information been released earlier? I am sure as hell it would have affected some of my travel plans.
7) Why don't I visit Copenhagen more often?
etc. etc.


  1. Nu fattar jag varför Miriam Jul Rasmussen ser så glad och nöjd ut när hon sjunger "Det är et yndigt land" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYu0umIwYrw

  2. Underbart!! Även om det inte bara är längden, utan även tjockleken som räknas :))

  3. haha agree with you both, wholeheartedly - i´ll start searching for statistics on the girth now Apmel ;P

  4. The whole thing is for sure made up by a Dane.

  5. Speaking from experience, there is NO way Brazil scores less than Denmark in this matter.

  6. Haha Eddi, I think you and I should make a world tour to check the validity of this report!

    It should take us a lifetime of dedicated work but we need to get these numbers right, this is vital information!

  7. This gives whole new meaning to the term 'great dane' at least :P


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