Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bye-Bye Benedict XVI

Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, a k a Pope Benedict XVI, waves goodbye
I hope you do as you promised and retire to a life of quietness and prayer in a monastery. I am so looking forward to learning what really brought about this sudden, unexpected and almost unheard of turn of events.

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  1. Something is up for him to have resigned so suddenly out of the clear blue -- without telling some very important Cardinals, such as New York's Dolan (the most important American churchman) in advance. Dolan looked truly shocked on television when he was interviewed.

    There may be a huge sex scandal brewing in the Church, involving male prostitutes, gay clergymen, and whatever -- or Benedict simply is too ill to continue. However, CNN does report this:

    "Vatican officials were already trying Monday to swat down unsavory claims by Italian publications of a brewing episode involving gay priests, male prostitutes and blackmail when news broke that Benedict had moved up the resignation of a Scottish archbishop linked over the weekend by a British newspaper to inappropriate relationships with priests".

    I think Benedict should be lauded for some good ecumenical work, and for having the temerity to question the accuracy of some controversial statements in the New Testament, saying that several things mentioned in the Book of Matthew probably never happened for example. His intolerance of homosexuality-- actually trying to root it our of the Church (an impossibility) rather than simply ignore the issue as his predecessors has has made life miserable for gay clergy, laity, and parishioners, and may have cost him his papacy.

    If a third world pope is chosen expect things to get even worst for gays in the Church. Cardinal Turkson of Ghana, a leading candidate, is extremely anti-gay and supported he supported Uganda’s infamous legislation which made homosexuality punishable by death. A progressive pope who might move the Church forward does not seem to be in the cards right now.


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