Monday, March 11, 2013

Coming Together

Yesterday I had invited a small and carefully selected group of family and friends to join me at Southern Charm to commemorate the third anniversary of Ars' passing. The real day is tomorrow, March 12, but as you all know it is usually easier for people to make time during the weekends.
Dej, Millimina, I, Shayne & Sarco
Those invited were
Guyke Lundquist, Ars' son,
Dej Mycron, Ars' brother,
Andrey Messmer (nowadays known as Drey Porchers), Ars' brother,
Jeb Nicholls, Ars' brother,
Shayne Turbo, Ars' brother in-law and husband of Jeb
Millimina Salamander, Ars' sister in-law and my sister, and last but not least,
Sarco Halderman, Ars' business partner and both our friend.
Sarco, Guyke & I
I was so fortunate that all except two could attend despite it being held on the day that the United States started Daylight Saving Time and the fact that Sarco had to get up at six o'clock on a Monday morning. Jeb unfortunately had a prior engagement and Drey could sadly not be reached.

The six of us who could make it had a nice time together,  exchanging memories of Ars and catching up with what had been going on in the others first and second lives.

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