Friday, March 8, 2013


I simply cannot understand it.

Why it is so difficult to accept that women must be granted equal opportunities and equal social, political and economical rights?

Why is it so difficult to understand that the systematic violence, abuse and oppression of women cannot and should not be socially acceptable?

Why is it so difficult to understand that women should be granted the rights to decide over their own bodies and their own sexuality?

Happy International Women's Day, may the struggle for an equal society be successful for the good of us all!


  1. YAAAYYY Bock!

    Thank you and Love!

  2. *grin* my RL and I got together on this day, 9 years ago. yeah, IWD. It causes a lot of laughs amongst our friends ;) Why do you think we did not marry on that date? :P

    1. Congratulations Kahvy and Rick! ;)

      As to why you did not want to marry on IWD I would guess you did not want to share the attention, am I correct? ;)

    2. That, and early march in Holland is either rain or snow :P


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