Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Radio Interview

Recently my ex-missus (from the April Fools Day prank) Iendi Laville asked me if I would consider being interviewed on her weekly radio show on her radio channel Iendi's Transistor in SecondLife.

After thinking about it for a moment I happily accepted.  We agreed to do it live and without any limitations as to which questions could be asked by Iendi or the audience. As I told Iendi, "I am a big boy, if I do not like or wish to answer a particular question I will say so when it is asked."
My sister Millimina Salamander and my buddy Apmel Ibetsson came to give me support
The interview started at 12 PM SLT today and lasted for approximately an hour, but the time passed extremely fast. I am not quite sure how it went really, but Iendi and I had a good time talking although I can hardly remember what we talked about. I will have to listen to it when Iendi posts it on the radio's blog, Iendis Transistor..The interview was in Swedish so I am afraid most of you will not understand much of it.
After the interview I danced with Blanche Argus
with Holy Archer looking on in the background


  1. A nice an comfy interview with two nice and comfy avatars. I had a nice and comfy time :) Great job the both of you!

  2. I had a great time while talking to you. There were moments I forgot that we were not just talking to each other. The program is now posted on the website.

  3. I would love to see the transcript translated Bock and will run it on my blog if you can get it to me.

    1. That task seems overwhelming, Eddi my friend, and I am not sure that much of it would be of interest for your readers as it touched a lot on Swedish SecondLife as I remember it.

  4. Support? Apmel came there to hackle you :)

  5. Thanks guys, I had fun and - as Iendi says - almost forgot I was on the air.

    Pffft Apmel, we both know exactly why you came amd it was not to heckle!

    Iendi darling, I cannot get my darn Winamp to play the URL you have posted. I it me, my Winamp or the url?


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