Monday, March 18, 2013

Narrow-Minded Xenophobe

What is the matter with right-wing gay men? Why do so many of them turn out to be stupid, narrow-minded, sexist and bigoted twats?

Not all, mind you, because I know quite a few conservative gay men who are perfectly sane and pleasant to be around, although they have this strange preoccupation with finances, taxes and "the holy market" and these always has to be given priority before the welfare of people (my words, not theirs).

Tobias Billström, photo by Pawel Flota
Meet Tobias Billström, Sweden's Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, the only out gay person in the Swedish government and a member of the right-wing party Moderaterna ("The Moderates" [sic!]).

Tobias Billström has for a long time called unwanted attention to himself by making stupid and ridiculous statements.

Lately he in an interview, when arguing about who the people are that are hiding undocumented immigrants in Sweden, said "Sometimes we are given the impression that the undocumented person who is hidden lives with a nice blond Swedish lady in her 50-60's who wants to help. But that is not the case. Most people live with their compatriots who are neither blond, nor blue-eyed."

Today he was - once again - forced to retract and apologize for that xenophobic statement. 

In my mind his apology should not and cannot save him, because I believe his statement expressed his true opinion in the matter. Tobias Billström is an embarrassment for Sweden, the Swedish government, his party and for himself. The sooner the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt realizes and acknowledges this and fires Tobias Billström, the better.

With the Sweden Democratic Party getting seats in the Swedish parliament in the last election and the growing xenophobic sentiments in our country we cannot afford to have a minister that expresses inexcusable opinions that should not be heard from a politician claiming to support a democratic and civilized society and governance.

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