Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Has Happened To My Philip?

I came across this yesterday, but could not believe my eyes - so I thought I had better sleep on it and come back for another look today.

This snippet is from on Linden Lab's webpage.

My wonderful Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab and my and your creator, (in-world a.k.a. Philip Linden) is nowhere to be found in the listings of the management or the board of Linden Lab.

Philip was the only person in the management or on the board that I felt some personal trust for when it comes to keep the original vision alive.

Did my beloved Philip leave? If so when and for what reason? Why has no one bothered to inform me? What will his removal from the board mean for the residents of SecondLife? And what is my Philip doing now?

Or is this old news to most of you, that I have missed foe some reason or other?


  1. I wonder if he sold his holdings, or reduced them, since he is not on the board. I am not surprised, because he seemed to be disenchanted with company direction.

  2. Bock, he has been gone for years and I even saw a article where he slags SL saying it was a failure etc.
    he is very cute though and he would be wonderfully forgiven if he returns.

  3. in October 2010, Rosedale announced he was leaving his position as interim CEO.


    2. Yes but he still had some influence on the board after he left. He still owned a large percentage of shares.

      He must have gotten rid of them when he left. If the company needed new capital, they could have issued more stock, reducing his holdings further.

      Since LL is not public, we will never know unless someone decides to release the internal financials. They can do whatever they want as a closely held company.

      I think that Second Life is quite profitable for LL now == and is funding the rest of the expansion into the other businesses. LL is also spending a minimal amount possible to maintain SL in its current status.

    3. Ziggy the link you show is to one during the "reign" of the devil, Mark Kingdon (a.k.a. as M Linden). When M Linden left Philip stepped in as temporary CEO and later - after Rod Humble (a.k.a. Rodvik Linden) was recruited - he became Chairman of the Board.

      To the best of my recollection I have never seen anything about Philip leaving that position. Curioser and curiouser...

  4. >>>>>>>Gives a big smile to Bock and waves. Check out or even better,

    Hope this helps! Huggggsssssss

    1. Darling Diana, long time no see! I hope you re doing well and Hunter too.

      Well I knew about both these enterprises, but all the time he has been involved in them he has still kept a connection to Linden Lab and SecondLife. Seeing him off both the management team and the board made me feel like SecondLife had lost it's soul. The driving force that keeps us all together, I never thought that day would ever come and I feel sort of abandoned in a very strange way. I know it sounds overly dramatic but that's just how I feel with no Philip around to look out for me and the rest of you.

  5. Good to see you too, Bock! Yes, we are well. You are right. SL without Philip R/L. is like Coke without Cola :)


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