Friday, April 12, 2013

Old, So So Old

I am no longer sick and went back to work again on Tuesday but although I have stopped coughing and fainting all over the place I still feel
- weak
- frail
- uninspired
- slow
- tired and
- old, oh so, so old....

I have aches and pains from every conceivable part of my wracked body, the head, the right ear, a tooth, my right shoulder, my wrists, my lower back, my stomach, both my knees and both my feet...

If this is what it means to get old I am going to log in to SecondLife on a more permanent basis.

Age progression by face of the future


  1. buddy hope you will get better soon :-/

  2. hmm i would like to say it gets better but as i am one of ther "oldones" writing here id say.. get used to is old fart hahhahahahaha it wont get any better aches and pains are an every day thing from now on hahahhahahahaha... and of course we love uoi and you are a young man without any pain whatsoever every day:) (and we love lying ..... hugs

  3. dont believe anything that woman says ever(this is the right one typing now everthing else is a copycat)

  4. Why do you think I rant and bitch so much ;-)

  5. Now you finally start looking stunningly handsome for real! :))

    1. Pffft we both know you love me anyway... ;)


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