Sunday, April 7, 2013

Support Bara & Free

(From a press release in the Bara Jonson Fan Gang group)

Bara Jonson and Free Balan are two Swedish live artists in SecondLife. They are now competing in the Swedish top charts in first life, "Svensktoppen Nästa" and need our help and support.

To get through to the national level they need lots of "likes" and you can help by following this link (url)  and then clicking the star just above their picture.

Please tell your friends to do the same! 


  1. very wierd yesterday when bara sent it out we were lots who clicked and it was up to 18 when i looked it was on 12...???

    1. Well thats strange Vampi, because when I looked right now it was up at 35 likes ;)

    2. yeah it did update next time i went in so guess it was just a glitch

  2. Thank you guys.. really makes s me happy to see your great support for Free and me. You really are the best! And we are on 40 right now ;)


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