Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebrating "The Evil Twins"

My ex-missus Iendi Laville and our mutual friend Selma Edman share the same birthday in first life. When the two women are together you n--e-v-e-r know what will happen. They bring out the absolute worst in each other - in an amusing way - so they have therefor rightfully named themselves "The Evil Twins".
Posing with the birthday girls
Today a good part of the Swedish inhabitants of SecondLife and a few of the Dutch (Butch Diavolo), Belgians (Guyke Lundquist) and Canadians (Ziggy Starsmith) also came together at the Grenouille Inn to celebrate their birthday. 

The two girls boyfriends were there also. I must truthfully say that the two women have excellent taste, both Holy Archer and Sev Laval are stunning men even if they happen to be straight. Most stunning and breathtaking was however the always amazing Apmel Goosson

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Apmel or any of the others because I suddenly noticed the bulge Apmel was toting in his swimwear this evening. I swear it looked like a good sized anaconda! I am not a size-queen ordinarily, but that sight totally took my breath away and left me completely dazed.

I am hoping that some of the others present at the party have taken more pictures that I can link to, hopefully some of them will show Apmel.


  1. Hahahaha, Bock, the size of a anaconda it was not.. I have proof in my slideshow, buddy!

    1. Proof for my claim, dear buddy, not for yours! ;)

    2. You know that is not true.. must have been why you took away your blog pointing to it :)

    3. LOL I was hoping you had not seen the post!

      That post was so stupid and inane that I decided to delete it, but I still stand by my observation and my assertion, Anaconda-Apmel! ;)

  2. Noterade också bulan i Apmels badbyxor...


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