Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cute Men & Hairy Asses

When I arrived at Spurt Beach today, for the 24 hour DJ-athon benefiting Second Pride, the dance floor was already filled with a whole lot of hot men dancing and shaking their sweet hairy asses to the music
I of course positioned myself between two of the hottest men there, one always wants to have "the eye-candy" close at hand. I suspect the guys were away though or in Instant Message with each other, because none of the two spoke a word the whole time I was there.
Jeff Ellsworth, the distinguished photographer and blogger, dropped by and showed us he is no newcomer at the dance pole. My that sexy man sure could move and shake it like a pro. I think he has been working out lately too because his body looked really awesome!
Khar Indigo was the only woman there, but that gurl sure can hold up her own and is not daunted by the sight of a bunch of hot guys with bare asses.


  1. I know Norwegian females have very hairy asses. Is it a Scandinavian thing to be into this?

    1. LOL You sure must have met some strange Norwegian women ;P

  2. Replies
    1. Ahhh then you have an advantage over me, I have not seen a Norwegian womans bare ass.

      When I first read your comment I thought it must be an urban myth made up by the American right wing Christianists to create interest among gay American men for women. Now I am no longer sure...


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