Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two Hot Blonds and Hundreds of Birds

I had never been to my buddy Ziggy´s new home since he moved recently, so I decided to crash him today. Due to past unfortunate and rather embarrassing experiences, I first checked the World Map to make certain that he wasn't "entertaining".

Ziggy shares the sim with two buddies, the partners Larz Kaz and Aeschylus Shepherd, but has his own parcel. The parcel is a beautiful tropical paradise with about 496 colorful birds all over the place and some huge turtles too and a lot of other creatures too I suspect although I did not spot them. It is a truly amazing place and very different from Ziggy's previous home in Second Norway

After Ziggy had shown me around his new house and the parcel we sat down by the fire for a nice chat. I was too lazy to plug in the voice so we talked in local chat for awhile before the lateness of the hour caught up with me and I had to log off to prepare for bed. 

One of the wonderful things Ziggy had laying on the beach was a huge tree trunk which was stacked with many great poses that I tried out and a lot that I did not even dare to try. The  tree was made by the famous and imaginative creator Regi Yifu of Regimade. The trunk was a complete beach home in itself and - as those who know Regi's work must already suspect - a sex-gen plaything also. We did not try any of those poses though, knowing Regi's work I am however certain that they are both sublime and thrilling.


  1. It was a wonderful and surprising visit Bock and your welcome anytime.

  2. When I saw "hundreds of birds" I thought you were talking about the ladies flocking around Ziggy and admiring his gorgeous, sexy, virile hotness, his stunning arms and to die for blond hair. Ziggy as a younger version of Brad Pitt without any nose hair is a fantasy come true!

    1. All I take from your comment is "What the fuck, Brad Pitt has nose hairs?"

      I am in total shock from that news and cannot wrap my mind around anything else at the moment...

  3. Flattery will get you everywhere maybe!


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