Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men At Work

I am ordering my contractor about what to do, I should just have shut up
because he knew better than I what needed to be done and how to go about it.
Butch is an amazing man with excellent taste -  and BRILLIANT in everything he does.
How a builder can turn up to work without shoes is beyond me...
but the man was working brilliantly so I said nothing about it!
After having gotten the house in place, we decided to rest a little
..and then a little more.... Well we would have been ready
an hour or so earlier if I had not screwed a few things up.


  1. Of course I had to sneak in quickly and have a look around. The house is looking great you guys :-) Job well done!

    1. Oh damn, did I forget to ban you and lock the doors? ;P

      Yes, doesn't it look amazing Guykechen? And you should have seen that brilliant man work, I was totally impressed by him! He was completely awesome to watch and had absolutely everything under control, well except me so I messed up twice and prolonged the work for about an hour!


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