Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OhioMike's Kilt Party

Tuesday evening (4-6 PM SLT) it was time for OhioMike's Kilt Party at the Second Pride Festival with Mike's hubby Hotboy as DJ, of course. I simply had to go, because - as everyone who knows me knows - I love tartan's and firmly believe that there isn't anything sexier than a man in tartan.

At a tartan party it is proper and fitting to come in your tartan, naked or splashed in colors. (Bear suits are acceptable if the person is completely covered in the skin.) Coming to a tartan party in anything except the three options mentioned is a social blunder of a magnitude equivalent to showing up at a royal wedding in dirty jeans and a torn t-shirt. Special dispensation for faux pas' from the rule are given to
1) Americans
2) Stunning beauties
3) Extreme youth and
4) Diagnosed idiots.

The venue was full of hunky men and a few women when I arrived. The music was loud and good, the DJ was loud and the crowd was loud, lewd and fun.
Benja & Ryce (Special dispensation by points 1 and 2 of the rules)
Benja being a Spaniard should know better, but his beauty saves him once again
Petr, Ty & Vaan
Myself and Marcellias
An unknown beautiful American man (Special dispensation by points 1 and 2 of the rules)
Please note! The party was open to everyone, in kilt or not. I just made up the rules and special dispensations to tease my friends Ryce and Benja.

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