Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On Saturday, there was a post on Bock in SecondLife entitled “At the Gay Nation Set” where we incorrectly stated that Mr. Butch Diavolo, the well-known SecondLife DJ and an extremely handsome, humorous and charming male avatar to boot, congregated at the venue with a multitude of ex-lovers.

Although our reporter at the time, through the documentation supplied to him, may have believed this to be true a closer examination of the documentation provided has shown that these allegations are entirely false. As far as we know today (through a source very close to Mr. Diavolo) only three (3) ex-lovers can be confirmed.

In this situation it is my duty and obligation as editor in chief of Bock in SecondLife to offer our sincerest apologies to Mr. Diavolo for publishing the false information. We are truly sorry for any pain or other inconvenience the publication may have caused Mr. Diavolo or his reputation as an honest and upstanding male avatar.

The story leaked to our reporter was obviously from a lesser man and motivated by jealousy over Mr. Diavolo’s prowess as a lover and/or success as a DJ. If it were possible I would fire the reporter, but he is the only one we have and he also happens to be myself.

We are sure that our readers and stockholders, who have always supported us, will understand that this was an honest mistake and stick by us now and look forward to a bright future together with them.

Your humble servant
Bock McMillan
Editor in Chief of Bock in SecondLife,
The Much Honored Laird of Southern Charm,
The Most Patient Bock McMillan, Prince of Cascade Falls,
Sovereign ruler over The Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment and Outer Territories, 
etc., etc.

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  1. Thank you for this retractions. Hopefully my reputation will be remain intact. (dammit)


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