Sunday, July 27, 2014

Picture of the Day - 146

CC Ride
"CC Ride" Photography by Deds Deezul

If you wish to see more of Deds' photography, please visit his Flickr photostream here.

Pet Peeve: Tummy Talkers

I absolutely detest it when people spam public chat with their emoting tummy talkers. It's highly annoying to be exposed to someones belly yackety-yaking continuously.

I am not in the least interested in being exposed to a trivial conversation going on between the pregnant mother and the loud infant. Please, leave me out of your role play. If I should wish to take part in it I'll let you know. Don't call me, I'll call you if I ever get crazy enough.

I am considering getting this very special tummy talker to use the next time I am subjected to one of these infuriating things. I found it at Marketplace TBF Talking Pregnant Belly for only L$10.

Judging by the reviews,  it should succeed in getting the point across to even the most simpleminded expecting avatar.

P.S. Even more suitable for me would be if someone should make a "butt talker" or a "penis talker" that filled the public chat with a lot of inane conversation.

"Bock's Butt: I hope this meeting is not going to last much longer, I really need to s**t"  or "Bock's Penis: Why do you always insist on crossing your legs like this? You know perfectly well that it crushes the nuts and is uncomfortable for the shlong also!"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Picture of the Day - 145

Sailing in Blake Sea
"Sailing in Blake Sea" Photography by Tyler Park

If you wish to see more of Tyler's photography, please visit his Flickr photostream here.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Picture of the Day - 144

"Rowne" Photography by Laredo

If you wish to see more of Laredo's photography, please visit his Flickr photostream here.

Boystown Turns 7

Boystown in SecondLife celebrates it's seventh anniversary this weekend. The DJ's Zann, Ritch, Cole, Ralphy, Shep and Djembe, among others, will help you get in the partying mood.

Here is your bus to the celebration at Boystown, The Boystown Bus.

Our Darlings

Ebbe Linden, in first life known as Ebbe Altberg, yesterday tweeted this picture of our wonderful friends at Linden Lab, Makers of SecondLife.

SL Photography - August 2014 Issue

The August 2014 issue of the SecondLife Monthly magazine Photography is out. To view it please go here SL Photography Monthly - August 2014 Issue.