Friday, June 23, 2017

Introducing: Flat Bock 2017

As has become a tradition for the Second Pride Festival, I am today introducing a new Flat Bock. This years contribution was, as always, made by the blogs art director and my wonderful husband Tomais Ashdene.

This version is much improved compared to the precious ones.
As I have been informed that some of the previous versions have been used for shooting practice and as dart boards (And we cannot have that, now can we?), the material for the Flat Bock is now Kevlar.

The surface has been specially prepared to have the same silky and smooth touch as my natural skin, but is still easy to clean after use. Just rinse in loads of lukewarm running water (I suggest you use the shower or a garden hose) and dry with a soft towel. Hoopla, it is ready for use again!

Second Pride Festival Grand Opening Party

This is from a press release by Second Pride (NB! I have modified the message slightly as I have an aversion against an abundance of exclamation marks and random capital letters popping up all over the place. So sorry!)
Check the schedule on

Are you ready? Ready to Resist, Rise Up, Be Proud?

It is time! Time for you to join us in SecondLife as we celebrate Second Pride with the amazing opening night! We are going to party from 12 PM (noon) 'til 10 PM SLT.

Amazing DJ's, live vocalists, top notch content creators, rides, park, hangouts by Apple Fall and T L C Home Collection and so much more!

║ ♫ Who? DJ Thorn | DJ Shepherd | DJ Yify | DJ Dillon | DJ TarzanTom
║ ♪♪ When? Noon - 10 pm SLT - FRIDAY
║ ♫♪ Where: Second Pride Main Sim (SLurl)
║ ♫♪♫ What: PRIDE & PROUD Music and so much more!

It's Midsummer's Eve 2017

Bock in SecondLife wishes all it's wonderful 
and sexy readers a very happy Midsummer!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Header for Second Pride 2017

The Second Pride Festival starts tomorrow, and I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best ever. But then again, I feel that way every year and am right every year too.

Just in time my spouse and the art director for this blog, Tomais has produced another stunning blog header for me. Enjoy!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Brexit Negotiations Start

This should take awhile, I'm guessing.

I am also a bit confounded by the Britons talking about a "hard-Brexit" or a "soft-Brexit".

What do they expect? I should think it would be naive to believe that these divorce proceedings will let them off the hook easily. The European Union has no interest whatsoever to set an easy example for other countries to follow should they make the same choice.