Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Memorial of NakedCarl Paneer

"Let anyone who says anything negative about Second Life be answered with "Yes, but you did not know NakedCarl Paneer." And may all of us hope that all virtual world's in the future be fortunate enough to have their own NakedCarl to let sunlight shine in all parts of the electronic universe." (Ryce Skytower at NakedCarl's memorial service, 9/22/2018)
HerrDirektor & Kharissa Indigo
Ezzie Mirabella
Evan Greymyst
Late arrival with initials S.H.
Ryce Skytower, who - shockingly - came
out as being an alt of Eddi Haskell
Markarius Viper
King Brian of Volkort
The fittingly naked dance at the
celebration of life party after the service 

Carl Gee, in SecondLife a.k.a. NakedCarl Paneer

★ February, 1935 (First life)
★ September 16, 2010 (SecondLife)

 September 16, 2018 (both lives)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Memorial Service for Carl Paneer

My friend Ezzie Mirabella has dropped an item in my profile in SecondLife, but I haven't logged in yet and was therefore grateful for this information being posted on Ryce Skytower's SecondLife (url).
The memorial service for Carl Paneer, a.k.a. NakedCarl, is set for tomorrow, Saturday September 22, 2018, at Viper Isles (SLurl), and will begin at 12:00 PM (noon) SLT.

A Charity Fundraiser and Celebration of Life Party will follow. The location will be open one hour early -- at 11:00 a.m. -- for arrivals.

Ezzie has sent further instructions to everyone who will be attending the service, please go to Ryce's blog post (url) to read them in full.

I hope to see you all there!

Fuck You!

So yesterday and today I received this threatening email from someone claiming to be a member of an International group of hackers. They tell me that they have been recording my web-based activity in emails, social media, and messenger (which they have wrongly translated to Swedish with "budbärare"). They also claim to have recorded my activities on porn websites and tell me that I have weird tastes...

Most importantly, or so they claim, they have recorded me with "my own web-camera" (I don't have a web-camera) when I visited porn-websites and will expose it all to my "friends, relatives, and my intimates..." if I don't pay $600 to their Bitcoin Wallet within 48 hours of receiving the email.

The message:
Som du kanske kunde gissat, var ditt konto ( hackat, därför att Jag skickade dig ett mail därifrån.
Jag är medlem i en internationell hackergrupp.Inom en period från 29 juli 2018 till 18 september 2018 smittades du av det virus vi skapat via en vuxenwebbplats som du har besökt.Hittills har vi tillgång till dina meddelanden, sociala medier och budbärare.Dessutom har vi sparat alla dessa data.
Vi är medvetna om dina små och stora hemligheter...ja, du har dem. Vi såg och spelade in dina aktiviteter på porrwebbplatser. Din smak är så konstig, du vet ..
Men det viktigaste är att vi ibland spelade in dig med din webbkamera, synkronisera inspelningarna med det du såg på!Jag tror att du inte är intresserad visa den här videon till dina vänner, släktingar och din intima ...
Överför $600 till min Bitcoin Plånbok: 144CDUeBhcwoEUmA2B1cL5p5PqZrhJWCCt
Jag garanterar att efter det kommer vi radera alla dina "data": D
En timer startar när du läser detta meddelande. Du har 48 timmar att betala ovan nämnda belopp.
Dina uppgifter kommer att raderas när pengarna överförs. Om de inte är det kommer alla dina meddelanden och videoklipp automatiskt att skickas till alla dina kontakter som finns på dina enheter vid infektionstillfället.
Du bör alltid tänka på din säkerhet. Vi hoppas att det här fallet kommer att lära dig att hålla hemligheter.Ta hand om dig själv."

I would like to warn my dear friends, family, relatives, and "intimates...", that they may soon see my extremely weird and illicit behavior exposed in some form. My sincere apologies for that!

My response to this International group of hackers that have studied and recorded my web-activity is, you will get no money from me not now and not when I am an International porn superstar that will get payed USD130.000 for keeping quiet about my personal and intimate relationship with world leaders.

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
I bloody well hope you bastards 
recorded me from my best angles!

P.S. I have now reported the attempted blackmail to my ISP and the police.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How To Vote In The SP Election

First of all, get your ballot either from the notice in Second Pride Festival Group, or, if you have notices turned-off, go to the group and look for the notice with the box containing the ballot.

Rez the box, and click to get the ballot and the instructions.

These are the instructions to vote:
1 - Edit your ballot notecard and put an X in the box beside ONE candidate in each race.
2 - Save your ballot notecard - DO NOT change the name of the notecard
3-  Do not add your name to the notecard
4 - Remove the "modify" permission on your ballot notecard by right-clicking on it, choosing properties, and removing the check beside "modify".
5 - Step into one of the voting stalls and click on the box to begin voting.
6 - Follow the instructions given by the Voting Station in local chat.
7 - Note that when you drop your ballot in the box, you must hold down CTRL when dragging the ballot to the box.
8 - Be sure to confirm your vote when prompted and look for the message that your vote was received and sent to election officials.
9 - Election staff CAN verify that your vote was received if you are unsure. We CANNOT see who you voted for.

Thank you for voting!

Go here to vote: Polling Place (SLurl).

Don't use Voting Station 1, at least not today Thursday, I had problems dropping my ballot there. The problem has been fixed, see Lee's comment below!