Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Digital DeZines Party

When I logged off from DJ Ralphie's party for a break yesterday, I was going to log in later to catch part of nt friend DJ Arc's set at Q Marina together with Butch. However my break dragged out and when I logged back in-world Butch had gone to sleep and the party at Q Marina was long since over.

Realizing that I really should have gone to bed (it was after all past 3 AM local time), but I was full of nervous energy (horniness?) so I decided to see what was going on at Second Pride and found myself at the Digital DeZines party with DJ Digi.
Your's truly
There were two amazing tiny fairy avatars, which were by far the best I have ever seen. I spoke with one of the fairies, Edwin Nakim, who informed me that the avatars were Micro Mesh Men from 11 Designs & Size Matters.
DJ Digi
Stunningly handsome Julius Antonius a.k.a Joe Lycomedes
Well, I did not stay at this party very long as I started falling asleep over my keyboard, so I left the beautiful and fabulous fairies and human avatars with a greeting of "Happy pride!" and hit the sack to catch some Z's.


  1. Bock you are burning your candles at both ends and becoming a horny pride machine....sleep for Gods sakes. ;-)

    1. Love you too Ziggy, my dear son in-law and buddy! ;)


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