Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DJ Ralphie @ Camelot

I am too tired to write much about Ralphie's set at Camelot, but it was fun! Mostly because of all the Instant Message sessions I was in with old and brand new friends.
Spanki, I and Drew
Christo sexing it up for a dark and mysterious stranger....

My new found friend Dodo (to the right) and a companion
show their pride with saggy pants. Great underwear guys!
Trin Almodovar 
Trin Almodovar showing off his skills
My brother Martial


  1. Buddy i have promote the SL pride in FB at all the RFSU sites ;) - that s the only reason i am in FB, to promote SL to the unplugged people :)

    Happy midsummer

    1. Keep up the good work, NE0, those unplugged people really should get a second life! ;)


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