Friday, June 21, 2013

Tinies, Furries, Goreans, Romans and More (Correction)

DJ Shadow at the Tinies Dance
A thing I like very much about this years Second Pride is the fact that the board has managed to bring in many of the gay subgroups in SecondLife, with the possible exception of the lesbians who sadly still seem to be preferring a sort of "splendid isolation". Correction, They are here!  Prætor tells me he saw a ton of them here last evening!

In this years Pride celebration the tinies, the furries, the Goreans and the Romans are taking part in a highly visible way with their own presence in exhibitions and events. I thoroughly and completely love it and am grateful to the board for doing this!

Alas I came to the tinies dance just as it was about to end but I am still happy I got there.

Next I went to the jousting arena to see another event between the warriors of Gor and the Roman gladiators. I realize all do not appreciate it, but I sure do like watching the hunky men there and join in the unexpectedly cordial banter going on. The Goreans and Romans seem to be a fun group of people I must say.

I am more than pleased to be able to inform you that I got a promise from Parvin, who seems to be one of the head-honcho's of the Goreans, that next year they will implement a "thongs only" rule for the attire usd during the jousting, thus giving the gloating spectators an eyeful.
 When I got to the furries party I sadly did not set the lighting properly so most of my pictures turned out too dark, except for the one beneath. But that on the other hand is a real beaut!

The furries also seemed like a good natured and kind lot, especially the DJ Skan who humoristically referred to me as "meat" in the most charming manner.
Today was also the day for an inspirational speech by 20 y/o Jordan Maxwell Anderson. The young man shared his wisdom with those of us who were there to listen. What the young man may have lacked in experience he made up in youthful enthusiasm. It was actually more inspiring than I had expected.
The beautiful Lee McKay was there to listen

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