Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Pet Peeve: Tinting Skin

Let me start this post by posting a (somewhat shortened) conversation I had with my dear friend Starlight Gentil today. The conversation reminded me of how long I have had this pet peeve.

s ţ α rℓ ίg ђ ţ: Hey Bock ! thank you for the invite ....  I'll be there ! yay !! hugs Star
Bock McMillan: YAY! You're so welcome sweetie, so happy we will see each other  again!
s ţ α rℓ ίg ђ ţ: :)))
Bock McMillan: Now begone please, I have to fit a bulge on my swimsuit and get the skin color  on the penis bit right... LOL
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: OMG !! haha ...I'm picturing that !!
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: Enjoy!!
Bock McMillan: ROFL - I cannot understand why the stores don't hand out cards with the RGB of the skins: Would that be so damned difficult?
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: Haha... you do make me smile :)))
Bock McMillan: It's pet peeve of mine, drat the merchants
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: Can you imagine telling peeps at work on Monday what you did on Sunday >?
Bock McMillan: LOL nooooooooooooo
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: Exactlyyyy .haha. But these are such important issues here
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: OK I'll be gone and let you start tinting ^^
Bock McMillan: It's a crazy world we are living in sweetie, can you believe we are here by choice?
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: We're all weirdos .. who cares ..just enjoy
Bock McMillan: Haha will do! See you soon! Ohhh by the way this conversation is going on the blog....
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: Oops ! ;D
Bock McMillan: ROFL
s ţ α rℓ ίђ ţ: grinz

No, it's not my own "attachment"
Ever since I rezzed in SecondLife some 6 + years ago I have had a problem with tinting the skin of penises, or rather six days after I rezzed. Before that I was hanging around at the arrival place trying to get myself to look half-decent.

Can you imagine what the first thing I looked for in Inventory was once I had seen myself naked? Yup, you got it - a penis. I couldn't for the life of me understand the cruelty of people letting a male avatar rez without having a penis handy, not even a flaccid one. "Damn holier-than-thou Yanks" I thought and then calmed myself with the thought that surely there must be a solution to this major malfunction.

Well, within an hour of venturing out of the arrival place, I had been handed three atrocious penises by male avatars who wanted me to service them. The penises were absolutely ugly, both in shape and especially coloring.  Is there really anything uglier in the whole world than a mismatched penile-attachment?

This problem has remained all through my SecondLife. While Ars lived he would help me with tinting, but since he passed away I am on my own with this and not doing great I am not afraid to tell you.

One of the earliest skins I bought in SecondLife was the Dante skin, I think it was sold by something called Naughty Designs. That skin came with a flaccid penis matched to the skin tone, but other than that I have only encountered  one more merchant that supplied skins with penises and that is The Fallen Gods, who supply penile-attachments free of charge in the correct tints.

The skin tinting problem used to be only a problem for male avatars, women did not have similar appendages - as we all knew long before we took Biology 101. That was true until mesh came along, with mesh feet and shoes that need to be matched with the skin the problem is now one that both genders struggle with.

Skin-merchants, when will you take responsibility and realize that it is a serious problem for residents because it is so difficult to properly match the skin of the body with the skin of the penis and other attachments? Why the hell can't you supply us with a card telling us the RGB of the skin  or a texture so that we can tint our penises and other attachments with some ease?


  1. This might be helpful :)

    Hugs xoxoxo

    1. And this might help as well :)

    2. O.M.G. thanks sweetie, that should be helpful.

      However I still think that every responsible skin-merchant should provide the RGB values to their customers. As you see in Ispachi's list in some cases this third party merchant has not been able to pinpoint the RGB for some skins.


    3. Yes I agree with you of course. xoxoxo


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