Friday, July 26, 2013

"Catch 22", Continued (Updated)

The previous post concerning this was posted here: Bock in SecondLife: "Catch 22", you may wish to read it before reading this post.

I have today posted a follow up on my earlier questions to Dextrum Boucher, candidate for chairperson in the election for the Second Pride board of 2o14

"Thank you for your response, Dex, most of it met with my approval. There is however one thing I would like you to address again and it concerns your attendance record to the board meetings.
The 2013 board held 14 board meetings
  1. 08/19/12
  2. 09/12/12
  3. 10/04/12
  4. 11/11/12
  5. 91/06/13
  6. 01/2013
  7. 02/03/13
  8. 02/17/13
  9. 03/03/13
  10. 03/17/13
  11. 04/07/13
  12. 06/29/13 (met to adjourn)
  13. 97/07/13
  14. 07/14/13
After doing the tedious and boring work of going through the minutes posted online on this site ( I get the following results on attendance records for the board members of the 2013 board the first numbers are when I count 13 meetings (excluding the one where the board only met o adjourn) and the second one with the numbers in parenthesis is when I count all 14 meetings.

  1. Kharissa Indigo - 100% (100%),
  2. Tootsie Nootan - 92% (93%),
  3. Doc Spad - 92% (86%),
  4. Baz Ceawlin - 77% (79%)
  5. Mr G. 77% (79%).
  6. Kyle Beckett 77% (71%),
  7. SquirtN Wonder 77% (71%),
  8. Tylo Mabelion - 69% (63%) and finally
  9. Dextrum Boucher - 54% (57%).
In your response to me you say "I missed fewer meetings than many others on the board. This can been seen be a review of the minutes."
As you see from the results above of the review of the minutes I did it would seem that your statement is not entirely consistent with the results of my investigation.
The meetings you did not attend were the ones in January, February, March and April and the meeting on July 14, 2013. This validates my previous statement that  " I also noticed, as a frequent visitor to the open board meetings, that you were absent from the board meetings for a good while."
Would you wish to comment and explain my findings?
Yours sincerely
Bock McMillan"
UPDATE 7/27/2013, 04:35 AM SLT 
DEXTRUM BOUCHER says: July 26, 2013 at 7:14 PM

As stated above, I did miss a few meetings over the course of the year. Whenever there was an important vote, however I was involved. This is the most important think on my record for this year.

I did face a couple of illnesses and a busy schedule at school during part of the year as well. Both of these situations have been alleviated.

During my absences, I did try to appoint a person to serve in my absence, per the bylaws. I was not able to find anyone interested at the time.

When I am chair, I see no blocks to my perfect attendance at the meetings, plus I will have the strong incentive that my presence will be needed to lead them.

I look forward to working with the community and its members in the coming year, and thank you for your thoughtful questions.

BOCK MCMILLAN says: July 26, 2013 at 11:02 PM

Thank you for your answers, Dex., some may have perceived them as attacks but I am grateful that you addressed them in the manner they were intended.

Although I believe that the officials I elect for the Second Pride board must make time for their obligation to serve the membership I also concede and realize that first life issues can sometimes call for the full attention of the officials I elect and that they can be subject to illness.

I will trust your assurance that you do not at the present time see any obstacles from fulfilling the important mission as chairman of the board and a leader of the board as a whole.

Best of luck,
DEXTRUM BOUCHER says: July 27, 2013 at 2:04 AM

Thank you for your questions:)


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