Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day

My day in SecondLife started out with a visit from Guyke and Dej.

Dej had a first life friend staying over for the weekend and watching on his screen. I wanted to show off the new place before the two took a nap to prepare for the evenings delights. 
When Dej and his friend had logged off, Guyke and I decided to try to find a party. Luckily we did not have to wait long before I saw an invitation to the Mine Shaft Club. I had never been there before so we were not sure what to expect.

We ended up having a great time with the friendly and hairy leather men. Guyke only needed two (2) changes of outfits before he felt comfortable there. I am not as fussy as my sweet son, so I only needed one.
My final outfit
Guyke in his final outfit
The great  DJ Emil
Vexsten (far right) was a new pleasant acquaintance, and kept busy by hitting on
both me and Guyke at the same time! Luckily we sometimes compare notes


  1. Hahaha you can't blame the guy for trying :-)

    1. With two hot studs like us? Hell no, he even gets credits for admitting to it! ;)

  2. Really cool outfit buddy ! feets you hugz


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