Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guyke Vanishes

SecondLife - or perhaps it is the viewers - sometimes play tricks on us. It is difficult to remember that everyone does not see the world as we see it and that we don't see what they are seeing.

On Sunday evening I way reminded of this when Butch, Guyke and I had gathered for a quiet talk before we went too our respective lonely first life beds.

We were all at Butch's place as he wanted to show us the new house he was building for himself and decided to go down to the water for a talk and watch the sunset. Butch had set up a place with two beanbags facing due west, so he and I sat in those and then Butch hauled out another beanbag for Guyke to sit on.

Below you see Guyke walking towards the beanbag to sit on it.
Once Guyke had sat down he completely disappeared from my sight (see the two pictures below)
I could still see Guyke talking in local chat though and when I told the other two they did not believe me, so I had to take the last picture above to prove it to them.

Then for some reason I opened my "People Nearby" (which Guyke insists on calling "radar") and on it i still saw Guyke's name appear but on a greater distance than he should be. So I clicked on his name in "People Nearby" and the camera zoomed over to him. He was far out in the water a couple of meters under the surface in the sit position he got from the beanbag animation. (See picture below). I had to pass that picture around to the guys also for them to believe me, the untrusting so-and-so's.
Well, after Guyke had stood up and then sat down on the beanbag again all was well and the viewer-drama was over! Everyone was once again showing up where we expected them to be.

We then went back to do what we had intended to do in the first place, and watched the amazing sunset while we had a leisurely talk about everything and nothing until it was time to go to bed.

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