Thursday, July 11, 2013

O Captain! My Captain!

I dropped in at my sons place today for a surprise visit, alas everything was very decent and he was only rezzing a new peacock on his land.

Guyke has also been working on landscaping on his parcel since the latest breakup with Ziggy. The two of them are now neighbors. I love them both.

After showing me around his beautiful place I asked Guyke to take me on a sailing trip around the archipelago of Second Norway on his boat "Paradijs". Which he agreed to but telling me that he was not as good at it as Ziggy.

Well, let me tell you, my son is an awesome sailor, much better I should think than he believes himself! The voyage was a pleasant experience and I felt safe in his hands.
After the sailing we decided to hang around a little on his newly acquired toobies and talk a little more when he did not have to focus his attention on speed and direction.


  1. Guyke is a fantastic sailor. Wonderful pics.

    1. Awww coming from you I take that as a real compliment my favorite neighbor :D

  2. It's always a pleasure having you over dearest Bockilein :D Finally I got to take you on a sailing trip around Second Norway and show you some of it's splendor!


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