Monday, July 8, 2013

Picnic At Marcellias'

My newly acquired friend Marcellias invited me to a Sunday picnic at his beautiful retreat in the skies yesterday. The food was ample and the bar was open, so all was good!

As Marcellias had told me I could bring along some friends my son Guyke, Jared Palianta and Butch Diavolo came along. We had a splendid time meeting and chatting with Marcellias other friends, who all seemed to be a really friendly, sociable and gregarious group of people.
 As I am a bit of a "time-fascist" (as the Swedish expression goes), i.e. I believe that one should arrive when one is asked to by the host. I arrived on the premises about three minutes after the time stated on the invitation, which of course meant I had to wait for the others, who have a more lax attitude, to arrive at their convenience.

This time I did not mind it at all because there were friendly people to talk with and lots to look at.
The beautiful Harlow Collins arrives
When all the 15 or so guests had assembled the entertainment started. First with some beautiful fireworks and later on with pleasant chat and - on my insistence - even some dancing.
When some of the friends I had brought along started bragging about how accomplished builders they were I simply had to prove myself so I pulled out one of my very few builds in SecondLife, the famous and absolutely fabulous "The Jester's Hat" (this time the Rainbow-version).
Jared, Tex, Guyke, David, Harlow, myself and Finn dancing
in the fabulous Rainbow Jester's Hat by BMc; Creations
It was of course an immediate success as it always is when presented to people with impeccable taste and a great sense for fashion, i.e. the most daring and fashion forward, the true fashionistas.

I had originally only planned to stay for an hour, because I had to log off for bed early as I was starting work today, but ended up being at the picnic for more than two hours and very late for bed. When I had to rush away all the rest stayed on and I would not be surprised if they stayed all night!

Thank you so much for inviting me ,Marcellias!

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