Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spontaneous Clubbing

After a long and busy day of overseeing my master builder-interior designer-landscaper-gardener all rolled into one hot packet of dynamite, the brilliant and sublime Butch Diavolo, and shopping for more plants and more furniture I was knackered. When Guyke and Butch dropped out for bed I was going to leave too, I just had to buy some new eyes because the ones I had were doing weird stuff and then I  also had some stuff I wanted to put out over by the barn - or so I thought.

I  ended up fiddling about with stuff at the barn until I got the notice that DJ Wes and Khar were starting their party at The Tribute, so I thought I might as well go there to relax and look at men a little before hitting the sack. I ended up staying for over an hour, the place was wall-to-wall carpeted by the most wonderful men.
The Hasting- Vanbeeck's , Tasty and Petr, with a stranger 
DJ Wesley Spengler & Kharissa Indigo
Sexy Baz Ceawlin & Kolin Wylie
The always stunning couple Shepherd & Larz Kas
Some dude, it could be me
 A study of an Australian patron who had a great body and beautiful moves. I have seen Muhu around the scene earlier, but he has never caught my attention as he did last night. Horniness could have played a role in this., mine not his.
 And lets finish off this post with a cute couple.
Angel & Divi

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