Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Big Friday Splash @ Warehouse #69

When the party at The Shipwreck ended another Gay Archipelago party started at Warehouse #69. The great DJ Karl Karlchek was at the deck with The Yifu's (Regi & Ty) as hosts.
Guyke, Jared, ,myself, Butch and a hot stranger
I have only had the pleasure of hearing one of Karl's sets before and was expecting another awesome set. I was thrilled out of my socks.
Unfortunately the party was marred by the most horrendous gesturbation I have yet encountered outside a Bara Jonson performance of the Crashtest Dummies "mmmm mmmm mmmm"-song, but at those occasions the gesturbations cease after the song has ended, here they continued throughout the whole party.

It was impossible to see anything on the screen, so I reconciled myself with the facts that it wasn't possible to take pictures and that local chat was lost.
Jared in swim trunks, what a beautiful sight
I settled in to enjoy the great music and pleasant Instant Messages and used the opportunity to get better acquainted with handsome Jared Palianta. I also got involved with the upcoming funeral of a friends pet rat, which had passed away three years earlier and had been stored - carefully wrapped up - in the freezer until her boyfriend at long last lost patience and demanded a more suitable and permanent arrangement.

The best praise for Karl's music and the party was when my friend Butch said that he now felt human again, but what a pity it was that it happened at 1 AM.

I answered him, "Anytime you feel human is a good time you brilliant and sublime man!"

Opps! I missed this one of the threesome; not quite sure what is going on there...

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