Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"The True Reasons..."

Today I received in my possession a note card from Cortez Brandriss, who was earlier a candidate for Event Director of the Second Pride 2014 board but who withdrew her candidacy.

The note card is unmodifiable and was according to its properties created by Ms Brandriss, despite this I also sought to get a confirmation from Ms Brandriss. I did this before having read the last sentence in this note card, for which I ask Ms Brandriss' forgiveness.

My main reasons for posting this are twofold, Firstly because I love Second Pride and want it to grow and flourish for many years to come and, secondly, because I believe that the membership of Second Pride has the right to know what is happening behind closed doors. 

I will post it without any further personal comment, other than saying that these SP election seems to be turning out to be extremely ugly and messy, with personal attacks, anonymous bloggers and other monkey business. 
Marius Watz "Web Science artwork"

"7/29/2013 Re: Second Pride Election
C/c Second Pride Current Board

 To Doc Spad,

 I have been very confused as to why, what was supposed to be a very quiet and simple withdrawl from this election has turned to a large population of Pride Candidates and Voters coming to me concerned with my departure from the race.

 I was dismayed to find the answer to my question in a notice, sent by you on 7/27 to the entire Second Pride Community, that my reasons for withdrawing from this race were because of a ticket system.

 I tried to make this very clear when we first spoke, and I will clarify again now-- I withdrew from the Second Pride election because of *our* conversation-- a conversation in which the current Chair of Pride, yourself, came to me with an attempt to coerce me to join forces on a ticket with someone I have not ever met, as a means of throwing the vote. I withdrew my candidacy because I was uncomfortable knowing that the Chair of Second Pride was so willing to discuss other candidates with me, someone you barely knew. I withdrew because I felt that I was being asked to be a pawn in a dramatic game of manipulating the vote. The unprofessional freedom you took in that conversation was what caused me to withdraw my candidacy.

 I ran for Second Pride because I admired the outward professionalism of it's team of chairs, and I wanted to do something important for the LGBT community. Our conversation was steeped in drama that I did not want to be a part of, concerning people I do not know and have never met.

 I submitted a formal and professional withdrawl to Baz that did not go into these reasons, only to learn you have distributed a notice that has informed the entire Second Pride Group I left the race over the ticket system. Through this notice, you have not only publicly spoken for me with information that is not true, but you have also publicly pitted me and my withdrawl against the candidates in this entire election.

 I am outraged by the way you have handled this matter, and at the fact you have now brought me into the drama of Second Pride, when I have done nothing but gracefully bowed out of a situation you made uncomfortable for me to begin with.

 Please do not use my withdrawl as any future means to burden this election.

 With this notecard, I would like to officially announce the true reasons for my withdrawl. I ask that I am no longer contacted by any member of Second Pride about this election.

 Sincerely,Cortez Brandriss

 C/c: Second Pride Board. Kyle Beckett, SquirtN Wonder, Tylo Mabellon, Dextrum Boucher, Kharissa Indigo, Mr Gracemount, Baz Ceawlin, Tootsie Nootan"


  1. Well

    Sometimes the horse you walk into the stable isn't the one you walk out with. Let's not kill each other over that. Hugs to all.


  2. This is just a prime example of the lengthy bullshit associated with a frivolous group of virtual wannabe's that not only this young lady has had to endure. As I have read [all of us have] many times posted on many many profiles "behind this avatar is a human being with feelings, treat me as such" If we can't figure this one out what are we even trying to be brother's and sister's ? Were not any better than our own real life politicians.

  3. My hands were covered in shit from following all this so I washed them and walked away.
    Second Life is supposed to be fun and all this bullshit is just unbelievable boring. I get at least 5 IM's a day wanting to know who Kharfest is and who, what, where and who said what and who I told what? I know longer respond to these IM's because I am too busy having a damn good time on Second Life and could give a damn about drama.
    Now fuck this and let's all go sailing...

  4. You tell them Ziggy,I am sick of all the bullshit

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  6. if someone here ever made the experience at these partys with contest boards and lucky winners that are even not dressed in theme, i wonder how this try of a 'democratic voting' will be possible at all ...

    1. Teno, my friend, hopefully people realize that voting for a new board is more important and takes better judgement and more thought than voting on someone at a theme contest.

      Hopefully people will use their good judgement and not only vote for friends out of loyalty but will try to weigh in the needs of SP in the long run.

      However, it is a democratic privilege to vote for anyone on the grounds you yourself decide, what ever they may be.

      We all hope that people would consider the political ideas or the views of the candidates, but let me tell you that I know a man who for the last 20 years have voted for the party whose leader he thought was the sexiest that year.


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