Sunday, July 28, 2013

What A Great Party!

What a great evening I had, and I hope everyone else did too.

Avatars came dropping in and out all during the evening and I even missed greeting some of them properly, which I beg their pardon for. There was simply too many to speak to and too much happening that my head was coming unhinged. So many hot men and beautiful women showing as much skin as they dared in the mixed company - and some a bit more than that...

Thank you to all those of you who could come and share this moment with me. To the one's who could not come, I hope to see you another time soon. All of you have my love!

I would like to especially thank my two amazing DJs, DJ sirhc DeSantis and DJ Jared Palianta, for their dedication and for the excellent entertainment they provided!

I was so busy all four hours that I - alas - did not have any opportunity to take pictures but will have to rely on the kindness of friends and other bloggers. (I will post the links as i see them)

My sweet friend and legal advisor Diana Gilderoy sent me a whole bunch of pictures, I am showing you a fraction of them here.


  1. My Avatar's Name Is Apmel; "Housewarming after sad news" (The sad news was that immediately before the party started, Apmelito received news that his friend Sven Idyll, a Swedish SecondLife avatar and blogger, had been found dead at his home in first life.)
  2. Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life; Second Life: Party Party Everyday

P.S. Despite Guyke's, Lee's and my own efforts to show the most skin, I should think we can all agree that that contest was won hands down my Apmel's friend ush Underwood in her amazing "mankini" for women (pic on Apmels blog).

Here is the result of my tinting efforts by the way. I think it looks pretty good and when I got the gold shoelace on as a cockring it worked even better.


  1. Yay! It was the very best of parties, Bock! Both DJs did a fabulous job with the music, and everyone was in a very convivial mood. You have a lovely new home, and Hunter and I wish you many happy years in it. Wtg, Butch on the design! Glad you liked the pics!

  2. I had a great time buddy and your house was/is beautiful however a personal tour of this secret dungeon that saucy Butch kept eluding to would have been awfully um, interesting!

  3. What a treat it was to not only see your beautiful new digs, but to also be at a great party with so many creative and talented people from SL. Doesn't happen very often - my hats off to you, my friend! Mitch and I had a great time, thank you for the invite!

  4. Benja and I had a great time and your new home truly is magnificent Bock!


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