Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute & Cuddly Cats

Yesterday my friend Jasmine Cazalet cried her desperate need for a hug in IM to me. As there - to my complete amazement - were no straight men lined up outside her door to cater to her needs, I offered to come and give her one myself.

Jasmine sent me a teleport to her home and as soon as I arrived we had a good, long and cosy hug!
As most Swedes, both of us love to hug a lot and know that a good and strong embrace is sometimes a good cure for many problems and even if it doesn't cure you feel better after one anyway. This exotic habit of the Swedes always seems to surprise many foreigners, who are more reserved with these overt signs of affection.
After the hug, Jasmine showed me round her home and introduced me to her young cat Whiskers. The fat little bugger was sleeping contentedly on her bed and he didn't even notice my presence.
When I left Jasmine she seemed a bit happier and was doing handstands on her bed. Even this did not disturb Whiskers in the least, he just kept sleeping on.


  1. Thank you for that cuddly hug. :) You can never hug to much. More hugs to the world! Maybe we should have a Hug a swede day :)

    After the hug I became the Queen of Trivia at Gittrikas event :)

  2. that cat is one of the offsprings from two of our cats we had, i gave Jas the kitten box as a housewarming gift:) and for some reason most the male ones sirhc had was huge and the male offspring seem to be as huge as daddy:)

  3. Yes that I can agree on. We sweds love to cuddle a lot. :)


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