Thursday, August 22, 2013

Important Community Information

Today the most important community information that reaches Swedish households in a non-election year was dropped into my letterbox. It is of course - as every Swede knows - the latest IKEA catalog, this time the issue for 2014.

Every Swedish household gets it, most of them will look in it to check what's new, many will start planning what to buy, some will go to one of the stores to look at it and possibly buy it. No matter what they do or how much they get involved they will all know that the new catalog has arrived.

Thats what's called excellent goodwill and brand awareness, no one beats IKEA in those areas in Sweden.

You can browse the U.S. edition here, IKEA Catalogue of 2014


  1. i got mine the day before yesterday - YAY - but i had already had a look in it online and am very sorry to say that it was kind of uninspiring this year :(
    still looked in it when it came in the mail tho- you have to its the law hihi:)

    1. Let's tell the truth here, Vampi, you get shot if you don't read it and learn it by heart (including the prices)!

    2. yes and no cheating reading it online it has to be the "hold in hand" catalog :) you never know when the little man from IKEA will come and check up on you


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